Versatile, Veloce, Stabile: Un Gommone è Per Sempre Esistono mezzi più versatili dei gommoni? Il gommone ti può portare comodamente in una rapida gita al largo; il gommone può attraversare facilmente secche e farti approdare anche alla più sperduta caletta; di un buon gommone ti puoi fidare: anche con il mare più ingrossato, non potrai…

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Logan 37

Luxury cabin rib | Logan 37 HERE AND NOW The agility of a waterbike, the stability of a RIB, the comfort of a full equipped suite with an exclusive terrace overlooking the sea: this is Logan, the flagship of the shipyard, which has been reserved for the name of one of the greatest and perfect sapphires… Details
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Larimar 30

BORN TO THE WAVES Larimar was created to explore all the shades of the sea: from the crystal clear waters of the creeks to the deep blue of the open ocean. The same shades that make the gem from which it takes its name as precious as unmistakable. Originally from the Dominican Republic, this stone…

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Ultramarine 10.0

Luxury rib | Ultramarine 10.0 WE DESIGNED AN EMOTION Some say style has to be staid. Even speed can be an expression of elegance. A rare unique and sophisticated elegance, such as ultramarine blue that Renaissance painters were able to extract from Lapis Lazuli and used to decorate the angels garments: the precious Ultramarine. DESIGNED TO… Details
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Moonstone 8.80

Inflatable yacht tender | Moonstone 8.80 DESIGN UNCOMPROMISED Drawn to get an amazing weight/length ratio, thanks to advanced materials and to meticolous hydrodynamic study, Moonstone stood at the top of its class for fast performance. Just like the gem from which it takes its name, the ancient Romans believed it to be created by the solidification… Details
semirrigidas de lujo | Domino Ribs

Garnet 7.80

Luxury Inflatable boat | Garnet 7.80 OPEN TO YOUR DESIRES The charm of its sophisticated design and the top performances in its segment make this open RIB one of the jewels of the yard. As the stone from which it takes its name – used both in jewelry and in the steel industry for cutting and… Details
barcos semirrigidos de lujo | Domino ribs

Axstone 7.00

Luxury Yacht tender | Axstone 7.00 SPORT VOCATION Axstone is designed for speed. The profile of each edge, each rib and every hydrodynamic line is made to cleave the air and water and glide gently onto waves. LOOKING FOR STRONG EMOTIONS Its name is inspired by a particular type of jade, sharp and durable, formerly used… Details
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Jasper 6.10

Jet tender - Jasper 6.10 SPACE AND HANDLING IN PERFECT BALANCE  Easy to track and storing, Jasper is an exceptional RIB in terms of  ratio between the overall consistency and interior roominess. A great versatility, underlined by the name of a stone  that has adorned jewelry for thousands of years, armed arrows and spears and clad… Details
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Flint 5.50

Outboard Rib | Flint 5.50 SMALL DIMENSION, GREAT EQUIPMENT It is the smallest of DOMINO  range and perhaps for this reason its qualities are more in relief compared with  other models. Flexible and perfect in any context, Flint owes its name to one of the most versatile stones in nature, used in past to shapel… Details