In the sea every smaller detail makes the difference.

The difference between one idle afternoon of dives and sunsuit and an adrenalinic skipped heartbeat. The difference among “extreme conditions” and perfect conditions to have fun domesticating waves. The difference among “here the seabed is too near” and “there are not inaccessible calettes” The difference among a conventional boat and a  Domino RIB. All our models are designed to give strong emotions. The exasperated research for the perfects hydrodynamic lines guarantees inimitable performances. The hull splits the water surface with naturalness, while the lower gravity center also ensures stability and maneuverability to all our RIBs even  the bigger ones.

The GRP housing, realized with newest and more advanced, joins the tubulars in one frame structure.
The result? A solid and light boat, reliable in every condition and, thanks to air tubes virtually  unsinkable and impossible to be capsized.
All finishes and details, from the chromes and stainless steel  to the cushions fabrics, from the interior furniture to the cockpit design, are realized by skilled professionals and always highly customizable. Because in the sea every smaller detail makes the difference.

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Longstanding comfort

Much more than a detail, the chusions are  essential to live the sea at the best.The quality of the fabrics, strong, salt water resistants and durable, makes the difference between luxurious  couches and sunsuit simple to clean, that always look fresh and new , and “binding” coverings, that require continuous cares and quickly deteriorate and break easily. The breathability of the coverings, the quality of the seams and the padding  influence  the comfort during the navigation and during your relax time in coves. The couches and the sunsuits of all Domino RIBs  are realized in Movida manufaturing, either in fabric or leather, sewn and shaped by skilled artisans on a crushproof stuffing to high resiliency. Available in an ample range of colors and approaches, Movida is realized on a base of coated PVC and PU with considerable thickness, to give consistency and durability to the material. Designed to resist to long  exposition to sun, water and salt Domino cushions maintain themself unalterated to vision and touch for many years, with a simple a quick maintenance.
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Always in control

Password  is ergonomics. A driver seat comfortable and sporting at the same time, that allows you to dominate the horizon and to check all the functions from the cockpit. To fly on the water surface or to change directions at high speed, always maintaining the ideal guide positioning.
embarcacion neumatica semirrigida
lancha neumatica semirrigida

Seizure of the space

Conventional boat is often compared to the camper vans for the gait prim  and  for interior spaces, while performances and the riding style of RIBs are similar to motorbikes or a sports cars. Speed, agility and maneuverability, however, are not incompatible with habitability and comfort. Not Domino RIBs, at least. All models in Domino range offer wide ang big decking spaces,equipped living areas and and great sunsuit surfaces to share with friends the common passion for the sea.
Yacht tender cruiser cabin de luxe
Jet tender luxury rib

All is hull

Not all RIBs are comparable. What makes Domino range so stable and reliable under all the conditions it is the perfect integration of the tubes and the body of the RIB, this last realized with high quality resins, printed with the newest technology in the market. The result is a strong and light hull, with an inimitable conduct over the sea, agile and manoeuvrable as a water motorbike, that also ensures comfort and composure in rough sea, either during navigation or at the mooring. All joined to restrained costs of management and maintenance compared to the ones required by a traditional boat.
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